Emma Segrest

Emma is a graduate from the University of Cincinnati where she studied journalism and creative writing. During her undergraduate years she served as the Features Editor for The News Record, an independent college newspaper. 

She has previously completed internships with Women of Cincy and VMSD Magazine. Currently she is working as a freelance journalist for Women.com, Tasting Table ArtRKL, Le Mile, and CityBeat Cincinnati. 

Her work focuses on arts, culture, entertainment and the cross section these have with the human experience. She is passionate about the ways that stories and ideas can be used to influence the thoughts of others and promote a greater sense of empathy. 

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Cincinnati Filmmakers to Debut Film Inspired By East Palestine Train Derailment

This story is featured in CityBeat's July 12 print edition. Pierce Ryan and Brett Miller aren’t your typical post-graduate filmmakers. While many of their film peers migrated to known cities like New York or Los Angeles, Ryan and Miller decided to make Cincinnati their creative hub for making movies, and in turn, have begun to bring a focus to independent film in the city. Recently the two 23-year-old filmmakers have begun an ambitious partnership with the Garfield Theatre to screen collect

Greta Schneider

Greta Schneider approaches her painting process in an unusual fashion. Before she picks up a paintbrush, she picks up a pen. Her art begins with a story—whether she draws from personal narrative or from works of mythology, Schneider begins by writing about her vision, subsequently crafting her work in its image. Storytelling is important to Schneider. When looking at the breadth of her work, you can see her personal story unfold across canvases, prints, pictures, and sketches, illustrating her p

The Flavorful History Of Faygo's Original Rock & Rye Soda - Tasting Table

Faygo Soda is proud to be weird. In fact, it has built its entire brand off of its weirdness. Going all the way back to the original Rock & Rye flavor, Faygo has never been afraid to create craft sodas with unique ingredients and inspiration. Founded by Russian immigrant brothers Ben and Perry Feigenson in 1907, Faygo has been creating sodas for those who dare to drink differently for 116 years. With more than 60 flavors, there is a Faygo for everyone, but one flavor that has withstood the test

Sober-Curious Summer: How Cincinnatians are Navigating the Complexities of Summertime Sobriety

This story is featured in CityBeat's June 28 print edition. Walking into the monthly High Vibe Dance Party at Alice in Over-the-Rhine feels like walking into any other club experience: there’s dancing, laughter and an infectious urge to join the party. The energy is so captivating it is hard to believe it’s an alcohol-free event. The only drink allowed on their dance floor is water, but participants don’t seem to mind. In fact, for some, this rule allows them the freedom to enjoy their nigh

The Story Behind America’s Favorite Painting

When creating Song of the Lark, French realism painter Jules Breton could not predict the cultural hold his painting would have on an American audience. As the Industrial Revolution continued its capitalistic dominance across the Western world, art was shifting from the surreal, longing of romanticism to the more grounded, accuracy of realism. Song of the Lark was created at a time when nostalgia for rural life was just beginning to bloom and the future of technology felt boundless. The oil pai

An American in Paris: CCM ballet major shares her study abroad experiences so far

Paris. For decades the city has been a social hub for artists of all mediums. There is something in the air that beckons generation after generation of artists to come learn of its bohème life view. For third-year ballet and French dual-major Rebekah Docea, Paris has been the goal for years. After being set back several times because of COVID-19 complications, Docea has finally achieved her dream of studying her passions in the city of lights.

‘This response is belittling to survivors’: UC officials refuse to discuss why they issue few alerts when rapes are reported on campus

However, James Whalen – who serves as UC’s public safety director and police chief – declined requests from The News Record for an interview to discuss its finding that in 2018 and 2019, officials chose not to issue crime alerts for almost 80% of rapes reported on campus. The federal Clery Act requires universities to issue timely warnings when there are known risks to public safety on campus.

The Role of an Advocate: Zoe Miller and Cheniece Wilson on Challenging Rape Culture on Campus —

As the official Campus Advocates for the University of Cincinnati, Zoe and Cheniece are responsible for creating awareness and education around gender-based violence. The pair focus on connecting students who have experienced gender-based violence to appropriate resources, being a confidential support system for survivors, and more. These women do it all and do it with the utmost love for their work and the students they help every day.

Keeping tradition alive in the face of COVID: Executive members reinvent Bearcat’s marching band

Composed of elected student officials, the University of Cincinnati band council provides the marching band social experience to band members. Being the leadership council of the second-largest organization on campus would be a daunting task to many. For the 2021 band council, they take on their roles with a sense of professionalism and dedication even amid COVID-19.

Anne Saker: The Role of a Servant of the People —

Anne Saker is a firecracker of a woman. In her line of work, you have to be. A self-proclaimed “servant of the people,” Anne has taken her role as a journalist with great pride and even greater dedication. She’s had an expansive career from North Carolina, to Portland, to Cincinnati. It was in Cincinnati that she chose to finish her years as an active journalist at the Enquirer. There she covered topics related to health and medical news. Anne has covered stories such as the COVID-19 pandemic, t

Review | Mitski is not the ‘sad girl’ you want her to be

Mitski is not the “sad girl” you want her to be. She is angry, funny, satirical, critical and wickedly aware of the world around her. Her latest album, “Laurel Hell,” comes from the depths of these parts of her, born as a result of the singer’s realization that she couldn’t quit the music business yet, despite her desire to do so; she had one more album she was contracted to make for her label. Despite this uneasy birth behind her music, make no mistake: Mitski comes to this album with her full

100 Gecs virtual concert turns Zoom call into at-home rave

On April 7, the University of Cincinnati Programs and Activities Council (PAC) hosted a virtual concert for hyper-pop duo 100 Gecs. 100 Gecs members Dylan Brady and Laura Les came to fame in 2019 with their first album, “1000 Gecs,” followed by the companion remix, “1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues” in 2020. However, the group has been around since 2015 and slowly built a dedicated fan base, as seen by the 100 people in attendance for their virtual set.
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